Where I Am From

orange county

I am sure most people will do this prompt about their family how for either good or bad they shaped them into what they are today. As an expat though my idea of where I am from has evolved to feature physically where I am from much more.

When you meet a person they first hear your accent and go beyond the normal “how do you do” and “what do you do” small talk to “where are you from” and “what is it like there”. Over and over again describing beaches and mountains, the difference between real life and tv, and exactly how big America is has made me identify with how much of who I am is because if where I came from.

Now to most likely blow your mind that picture I took this summer in Costa Mesa, California. Now if you are not familiar with California this is smack dab in the Orange County of tv fame and and about 5 miles from the beaches they love to show on TV.I think this sums it up perfectly though how I have many dimensions, mountains within view of beaches which only the locals know and love.I can be crazy, I can be intelligent, I can be depressing, I can be wonderful all of which I learned to do here in this little gem of a place.

How has where you were born and raised shaped you?


9 thoughts on “Where I Am From

  1. I love that you mention the geographical aspect of where we’re from. I actually focused on that in my own post today! I’m half-Honduran, and one thing I identify Honduras with most strongly (after family), is mountains.

    And you did blow my mind with that picture; that doesn’t look a thing like the pictures I’ve always seen of SoCal!

  2. Really interesting – I wonder how I will feel once I have been in the U.S for a bit? It will be a new experience for sure!

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