Thrift Store Finds

thrift store finds

A very short walk from our house there is a giant thrift shop, it is two stories and has all variety of house goods.

We went looking for a bench to use in our kitchen at the desk but when that did not pan out we went looking in the side rooms.

There are two rooms where everything in them are the same price or you can fill up a basket and it will be a set price.

At first glance these rooms are full of crap but with some patience and idea of what you are looking for you can find some real gems.

When we went last week we came home with this little collection of goods.

1. Ghostbusters album – We have a collection of album frames and I love to change out the albums for the seasons so this one is going up for Halloween

2. Pripps beer glasses – We had been looking for glasses in this exact shape that did not cost an arm and a leg for ages! We were so happy to find two in perfect condition

3.  Hofbräuhaus stein – Growing up my paternal grandmother had one of these and as a kid I always thought the H B stood for my hometown of Huntington Beach, when I realized my mistake it made me love it even more that is was actually from Germany my grandparents home but was tied to my home as well. When I visited Munich I was much too poor for souvenirs like this so I was so happy to find a used one to take home now.

For all four items we paid only paid 38 kr / $5 plus we got a good walk in and had fun searching through all the items!

Do you like to go thrift store shopping too?


8 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds

  1. i make an effort to check them out anytime i travel….lately i’ve been going with my daughter whenever i get a chance to visit her. unfortunetly…i pay for all the interesting finds …the job of a mother after all…but she takes ownership of everything. i only get to see them when i come back to visit. most people dont think of thrift stores when traveling..but for me its right up there with local farmers markets and ive been known to swerve off any highway for garage sales and cemetarys….best ones so far—thrift/second hand stores and cemetarys are in Ontario. i remember finding an awsome wicker rocker during one of our many walks through toronto neighborhoods and then hauling the thing through the subway back to daughters home. i just returned from a week long rental car roadtrip we did a circle from toronto to north bay to sudbury to manitoulin island back to sturgeon falls then down georgian bay back to toronto. it was a sad day when i turned in the car at the airport.

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