I Like That One Better

MJ with Jerky


On our last full day in California my family was crowded around in the kitchen, because really where else do people congregate, talking about my brother making the preliminary baseball team for his freshman year of high school. As a typical 14 yr old he was saying how he probably made varsity and going on and on about how exciting it was.

My mom in her typical fashion said “Well you know what comes before a fall don’t you”.

And out of nowhere my 12 yr old brother (pictured above) says “Well I am going to say courage”.

We all just looked at him and before anyone could say anything he realized it was not right but then replied “If I was going to fall off a cliff I would need some courage!’.

After that no one could really argue because he had a really good point!

So I encourage you this week to think of all the courage that life takes and if once and awhile you get a little proud of where that courage has taken you that is a-ok!


This picture of a spider Mr. H took in a museum we visited this summer, and this spiders were not in a cage but just out and about doing their spider thing! It took so much courage to walk by them and hell I am damn proud I did!

2 thoughts on “I Like That One Better

  1. I love this post and the wise words of your younger brother – sometimes kids say the most profound things. As a teacher, I have heard some really striking things children have said that have literally floored me. Courage is an admirable quality!

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