Little Brother Craft Time

On Monday my little brother was following me around and asking “what are you doing now” and “then what are you going to do” and so I got busy with some crafts. I was inspired with how Angi entertained her brothers this summer and figured even though mine is a few years older he would enjoy it too.

craft time

I rounded up markers, colored pencils, regular scissors, crazy cut scissors, tape, stickers, a blank composition book, and some blank drawing paper.

With just a bit of guidance from me this is what he came up with.

micah journal

Ok I can totally admit it was really hard for me to just let him go with his vision. I had one and he was not seeing it and then he just started putting the stickers on at crazy angles which made me need to do walk away and take deep breaths for a minute!

The great thing was though he loved it and showed everyone, he also has made me keep it in the room we are using for the summer so it would not get lost or used by someone else.

So far he has used it to rate different sodas, plan things to for vacation, and write down recipes since he loves to cook.

Once we are gone I am not sure how much he will use it but it was a super fun way to spend an afternoon and cheap since my grandma had all the supplies!

If you have younger relatives it would be a great way to spend time together or make up a little kit for them do themselves and give it for a birthday or Christmas present!


Comments? Questions? Let me know and I will respond!

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