Knuckle Tattoos Part One!

Last Saturday Mr. H and I did something that I think is highly controversial.

We got our knuckles tattooed.

knuckle tats

We had been wanting to do it for about 5 months and finally all the pieces came together.

Why I did it:

 I absolutely love wearing my wedding ring, I love that sign of my love and dedication to Mr. H. Sadly though I have very sensitive skin and I was getting blisters and rashes from my rings, it was not so surprising though since the same thing happened to my grandmother and aunt. Also living in very cold climates I was always nervous I was going to lose my ring taking my gloves on and off, when traveling my fingers swell like crazy and they were hard to wear as well. So with all of those things I thought that getting a tattoo would be great and the fact Mr. H has 20 of them it would be a fitting tribute to our marriage. Now while I was thinking all of this Mr. H was thinking all of this:

Why he did it:

We got married in January of 2011 and once I put the ring on his finger Mr. H never took it of for more then a few minutes. He also loved the symbolism of his ring and wore it proudly. However he knew when he started nursing school his days of ring wearing were numbered. In his last practique they let him wear it but once he was in a hospital setting it would for sure need to come off. He however still wanted that marker there and like I said he already had tons of tattoos so it was not a big stretch for him.

How we decided:

So one night we were watching music videos and drinking beer, yes we act like 18 yr old boys, and he mentioned the idea. To his great surprise I told him I had been thinking about it as well and we shook on it. It took us a few months to decide on what we wanted and then we waited to have Mr. H’s tattoo artist in California do it.

f's knuckle tats

The experience:

I have seen quite a few people get tattoos before and knew there would be pain involved but for some reason I was not feeling that nervous. So I sat calmly down and was chatting with Shorty and then she hooked up the machine and needle and butterflies appeared in my stomach. The second the needle touched down though I was super calm and in the words of Mr. H I ” handled it like a BOSS”. I found it to be more annoying and like I told my grandma I have had worse cramps that I did not choose to get and just have to endure! I am sure though it was because it was a little bit on my fingers and if it was bigger I would have been way more annoyed!

The afterness:

 Well we are super in love with them and know we made the right choice. Now I just cannot wait for them to heal so I can show them off more!

I am going to do another post about tattoo care and some of the pitfalls of a finger tattoo!

double knuckles

O yeah and Mr. H also got another giant tattoo the same day!


5 thoughts on “Knuckle Tattoos Part One!

  1. They look very good! I really like your thinking behind them and I think it compliments each other well.

    I will admit that I am not a fan of tattoos for myself, but like them on other people. I would not get one as my skin is so sensitive I scar from any kind of needle/injection and even mosquito bites can leave me with life long scars (I have three from bites – one on my leg, arm and face – ugh)! But if I could get one, I probably would want to!

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