Guest Post: Top 5 Things About Being Pregnant According to Zeta


Today I have an awesome post from the smart, she passed her Danish proficiency exam with flying colors, and funny Zeta. Make sure to check out her blog An American Hermit Crab in Denmark  for pictures of drool worthy cakes and great stories about immigrant life.

belly shot

Top 5: Things about being pregnant

As I coast into my final weeks of pregnancy, I find it difficult to think about basically anything else.  Since The Hemborg Wife always seems to be so cheery and uplifting, I thought that instead of dwelling on the not-so-positive aspects of pregnancy (like my legs feel like they’re about to fall off when I’m sleeping, the heartburn, and the being as big as a garage bit) I’d look back over the last nine months and tell everyone what I have LOVED about being an incubator!

1. I’m allowed to pee as much as I want.

I’ve always seemed to have a miniature bladder.  (Although in college, my roommate and I kept track of how many times a day we peed for a whole week, and she definitely won with an average of 12 times a day compared to my piddly (pun intended) eight times a day.)  I have to pee all the time.  I make a poor road trip companion, and I learned very, very quickly to take notice and advantage of all the free bathroom places in Denmark (as they are much fewer and farther between than in the US!)  However, since I’ve been pregnant, I’m totally allowed to run to the bathroom.  If I pee before we leave, when we get wherever we’re going, and again 15 minutes later, no one says a word.

2. Something to do

I’m a fidgeter.  I’m a fidgeter in general, but put me out in public, and my anxiety makes me a super fidgeter.  I twirl my hair, play with my rings, nibble on my nails, etc.  But since I’ve been showing, and especially since the baby’s become a monster, and more than occasionally juts an elbow or a butt out to the side, it’s become a reflex to pat, rub, and just rest my hands on my belly.  Unfortunately, it’s so effective that I rarely take out my knitting which means that the baby sweater I started months ago still isn’t finished.

3. Automatic Conversation Starter

I’m not very good at talking to people, and living in Denmark, a land of introverts and mind-their-own-businessers, doesn’t make it any easier.  Now, when I’m in any sort of situation where I feel like I’m supposed to be talking to the people in my proximity, someone inevitably asks me how far along I am and *voila!* we’re having a conversation!  (This has, however, led me to think that’s pretty much what strangers are asking me when they start talking to me, which caused me to answer “seven months” when an elderly man on the bus asked me how far I was travelling…)

4. Hair

So they say that your hair stops falling out when you’re pregnant, and it gets all luscious and thick and shiny.  This doesn’t prove true for everyone, but it has for me!  However, since I’ve always had relatively thick hair, the best part about this is not having to clean out the drain!  And not having to scrape hair out of the sink.  Or vacuum it off the bathroom rug.  Or…

*Bonus* — something I’ve never heard of, but that happened to me is that the hair on my legs pretty much just…stopped growing, or at least grows really slowly.  I shave max once a week, even now when I wear shorts and dresses every day, and I probably don’t even need to do it that often!

5. Variety

I’ve found that people take extra care to ask how I’m doing when they see the round belly, and the best part about this question when you’re expecting is how different it is every time!  This may just be me, but I find myself feeling differently every day of the week thanks to hormones, how much sleep I got, and how many of the things I’ve wanted to eat have been around the house.  Some days, I feel great, am active, and nearly forget about the globe attached to me (these are the days when I tend to accidentally shut the refrigerator (and bathroom) door on it…)  Other days, I sit on the couch wondering how I’m going to get up before my husband comes home from work.


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