Bucket List: Summer 2013 – #3

bucket list


I swear we have done more than just three things but most of the pictures are on the old laptop so it is going to be a bit before I get them transfered over!

What: Kéan Coffee

kean coffee cup

When: July 2nd (and then a few times more)

Where: Umm Kéan Coffee kinda in the title huh

F at Kean

Who: Mr. H, My Grandpa, and Me

Why: We used to go to and get coffee there all the time when we lived closed and it is always fun to take little trips down memory lane.

me at Kean

Original number on list: 25

Verdict: It was worth the little drive from my grandparents and we have made a convert out of my grandfather. He loved our first trip so much we have been back  and once he even convinced about 10 of our family members to join us on a Sunday morning! I love that now when we are back in Sweden he will have a place to go to that is special for him since we introduced it to him.

honey vanilla lattee

This is my grandfathers honey vanilla latte and the photo editing basically says it all!


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