Friday Funnies – A Lesson in Size

f at beach with uno

Scene: Mr. H and I watching Antiques Roadshow


Antiques Roadshow Expert – “This violin has pieces of whale bone in the back for support” (or something along those lines)

Mr. H – “What did he just say?? WHALE BONE!!!”

Me – “Umm yeah they used to use whale for all sorts of stuff”

Mr. H – Standing there with a really confused look on his face

Me – Trying really hard to think of a good whale example

Mr. H – “but like a whale bone?!!!?”

Me – “Me yeah you know like baleen and stuff” Imagine Finding Nemo in my head and trying to decide if that is bone stuff they went through

Mr. H – “O yeah I forgot whales are fucking huge!!!!!!”

Me – Laughing so hard I am doubled over and can barely breath


So yes readers in addition to being really sexy my husband is good at knowing the size of animals!

Friday Funnies
Hope you liked my first go at a Friday Funnies Post and do not forget to check out all the other posts!

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