Travel Tuesday – Beach Camping (on Wednesday)


The beautiful and always inspiring ladies of Found Love, Now What and A Compass Rose have started a weekly link-up all about travel!

While I am a day late this week I love the idea of the link-up and wanted  to join in!

trailer scene

My parents love to camp and are always looking for new places to take their trailer. This summer though my mom is working summer school and my brother is in baseball camp for his new high school so they decided to go on a staycation of sorts.

They took their trailer a easy 20 minute car ride from home and stayed at the beach for a week! It was really fun and surprisingly many of the fellow campers were local as well.

Fredrik and Bailie at beach

We went down for a day, a long 10 hour day, and did all sorts of beachy things. It of course included just the tiniest bit of a sunburn but it was not so surprising with our pale Swedish winter skin!

fish with the beer

My dad even caught this fish while fishing along the shoreline and cooked it up right away for dinner. It was amazing since it was so fresh and I do not think I will ever have a fish dish compare.

dad at beach

So I encourage you if you cannot get far away this summer perhaps there is something great right around the corner for you!


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