8 Shots of Life Lately

Once again I thought I would share some of the summer via instagram pictures!

instagram collage two

1. Last weekend we watched my brothers and they were following Mr. H around all night, it was so cute!

2. We went to see Despicable Me 2 and stocked up first at the drug store for cheap candy!

3. This creepy spider, well all spiders are creepy, was on the fridge handle and totally freaked out my cousin

4. We went to Del Taco and I just loved how cute the hot sauce packets looked!

5. We have a new old obsession in Kean Coffee, and have been three times in the last week

6. There is a discount theatre by us and we keep going, I highly recommend Now You See Me best of the summer so far

7. There is a market by are house that caters to the Asian demographic by us and I got some yummy snacks

8. Mr. H got these white converse and a pair of grey low top ones for less than the price of one pair in Sweden!

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