4th of July 5k

weekly wishes week two


Hello! I feel like I have been gone from my little blog for months but it has actually only been a week!!

I am happy to report back though that I totally kicked last weeks weekly wishes butt!

race ready

The 5k was such a fun and amazing experience and I am so happy I pushed myself to participate. I was a bit nervous that we would be the last people over the finish line but was happy with our time of about 45 minutes considering it included a snack break for Mr. H and a break to adjust my friends baby in the stroller.

pal at 5k

The highlight of the day though for me was when my grandpa who is 68 handed me his water pack and took off jogging. In minutes he was lost in the crowd in front of us and was at the finish line waiting for us! He has always been fairly active but to see him start off and finish at least 10 minutes before us made me so proud!

Now for this week my goal is focus a bit on my blog and your blogs and getting things together for the Expat to Expat linkup!

Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!

12 thoughts on “4th of July 5k

  1. Hi! Visiting from the Weekly Wishes link up! This is just what I needed. My goal is to incorporate healthy lunches into my diet and seeing you complete a 5k is amazing!! Good for you, keep up the good work :)

  2. Well done you! I have never run anywhere in my life as far too much of me moves independently and in multiple directions. I do walk everywhere (about 3 hours a day and up and down steep hills) so I am fairly active … I may think about doing a little run someday! :D

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations on your run, that must have been loads of fun. Your Grandpa is really awesome too! Good luck with your blog work, seems like we are all on a bloggy spree at the moment as this is the third post I’ve read about a goal to work on their blog, mine included!

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