Bucket List: Summer 2013 – #2

bucket list


Not all of the bucket list items are food related but this second one is and so are a few more coming up!

bowl of ceviche

What: My Dad’s homemade ceviche which consists of fish he caught fresh, onions, tomatoes and other secret ingredients. Ok so maybe not secret because I am sure my dad would tell you but I honestly have no idea what else he adds!

When: June 18, 2013

Where: My grandparents house

Who: Whoever was at our family BBQ, but this mainly just needed us and my dad!

dad fishing

Why: Some food is great from a store or restaurant but when my dad makes ceviche it is always with fish he caught that same day and nothing beats it. Also to me it is just the perfect summer food to eat while enjoying cold beer and good company.

Original number on list: 4

Verdict: It was as good as we remembered and will be eating at least once more this summer!

ceviche on chip


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