6 Shots of Life Lately

As I said I am trying to catch up on all the lovely posts hanging out on Bloglovin’ waiting for me and I came across a post that I just had to copy!

Jade from the addicting An Invisible Crown did a great posts of her instagram pictures and I thought hey I have now joined every other blogger out there and am on instragram too so why not share them!

If you want to see more of the everyday mundane life of me follow at: hemborgwife

instagram collage

1. I found this stamp collecting book at the swap meet. At first I thought it was a reproduction but it is actually from 1971 and has some amazing stamps in it. I plan on adding some starting with the one on the postcard from Melyssa!

2. I have been wanting a backpack for a few months and found this one at Forever 21. It is perfect to lug about all my stuff, especially as the Longchamp I have been toting about for the last 5 years is finally showing its age.

3. My aunt has a plot in a community garden and came back with the cutest little baby bell peppers.

4. My grandparents are always adding fun stuff in their backyard and this is just one of the tucked back reading spots.

5. In addition to being a city farmer my aunt is a pro baker and made these amazing cinnamon rolls for us.

6. We have been indulging in cheese and beer snacks for sport watching and it has been yum, yum, yum!


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