I Think I am Back

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have blogged! I knew this trip was going to be busy but by 10:30 each night I am zonked out in bed, but we are having fun so that is all that matters. And honestly we have done so much stuff I have no idea where to start with all the pictures, just yesterday at the beach I managed to take 70 pictures but of course I did not manage one of the dolphins swimming in a huge pod close to shore.

Also if you have left me a comment or commented back I promise I have read them and loved them. O and my reader is at 163!!!


So many good posts I just know are sitting there waiting for me to love and comment on!

Should I start way back at the start of June and our trip?

Yes, you say well ok here we go!

Ummm well I just looked at the pictures and it seems I barely have something to say about it how about a collage!

june vacation

1. Mr. H checking out the two flights at the Sundsvall airport

2. Me waiting for our train in Malmö at 2:40 AM

3. Kebab salad from our favorite restaurant, Kiris, in Angelholm

4. Massive homemade hamburgers at a friends house in Sweden

5. Our first Starbucks in over a year from the airport in Amsterdam

6. Mr. H using the ubiquitous grill oil at our friends

Now as requested a before and after of my new haircut!

before and after hair

I cut off a ton of hair and feel so good and can shower faster too!

Ok it is time for beer tasting so talk soon I promise!


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