If I Won the Lotto: With Mr. H

Mr. H is back to show us what he would do if he won the the lotto!



What would I do if I actually won the lotto?! I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about this and I will try to tell you all what I would do with the money that I won, and we’re not talking about a small win like $1000. Most people state that they are going to give money to charity but how much money are they contributing to charities before they won the lotto? Exactly, so you can hate me all you want but I probably wouldn’t  give anything to charity, because why should I? I’m not doing it today, even though I probably could spare some change for a good purpose.

1. Buy a kick ass apartment in London and a house in southern California.


2. I can get a new tattoo whenever I feel like it. So I would probably go crazy and get hand tattoos, knuckle tattoos, maybe even a neck tattoo. Because why not? I’m rich bitch!


3. Clear my parents mortgage and give them a little bit extra – No this is not charity, they are your parents after all. They’ve earned some pay back.


4. Finally travel first class – now I can look like a snooty tight-ass on the plane that everyone in coach absolutely hates. And I will fuckin’ love every single minute of it…..I hope



One thought on “If I Won the Lotto: With Mr. H

  1. Your point is soooo true, I don’t think winning the lottery would change how you actually spend money – in that if you don’t give to charity now then if you won the lottery that wouldn’t change heaps probably.

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