If I Won the Lotto: Belinda Style

I am sure you guys have already heard me talk about the every lovely Belinda but if you have not she is a super awesome lady living in Wales with her husband and is constantly blogging pictures that make me jealous!


Greetings lovely Hemborg Wife readers!

My name is Belinda and I blog over at Found Love. Now What?, where I chat about being an expat and life in the UK. I have loved getting to know Bailie here on her blog and when she asked for bloggers to contribute a guest post, I hopped at the chance. Today, I am going to play the game, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” Because really, who doesn’t like to play pretend every once in a while, right?

I am going to set my lottery winnings at $10 million, because anything more is just ridiculous, right? Right. Ready? With that away we go!

1. Pay Off All Debts: Credit cards, student loans and mortgages… all wiped clean. Boring I know, but whew… how good would that feel?

2. Build My Dream Shoe Collection: I love high heels, even if I don’t wear them the often because how good does your butt look in stilettos? You know what I am talking about. My closet would be filled with Jimmy Choos, Kate Spades, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahniks, just to name a few.

Dream Shoes!

Dream Shoes!

3. Build A Closet to Go with it: Remember the closet from the Sex and the City movie? Yeah, I’d like one of those please.


4. Travel, First Class, Each & Everytime: A private jet would be just a bit silly, right? But the idea of being VIP and first class all the way would make long haul flights a bit more tolerable. And we would travel to the dream locations of Bali, Kenya or India… just to name a few.


5. Support Non-Profits: I love would to be able to give back to non-profits that have given me so much. With that, I would love to establish a tuition scholarship at Gonzaga University (where I went to school and worked) for students who are in need. I would also make sizeable donations to the Humane Society, American Cancer Society, MacMillan Cancer Support and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. These non-profits (plus Gonzaga) have missions that are really close to my heart and I would want to financially support them.

6. Never worry about money. Ever again. This by far, is the best. Since Neal is an accountant and really smart with money, we would come up with a strategy for investing and saving a bulk of the cash for our future. We wouldn’t worry about day-to-day expenses and we would be able to live comfortably but without worrying about the bank account balance. Ever.

What about you? What would you do if you won the lottery?

Thanks for letting me hop over Bailie! Enjoy the rest of your time in California! {PS– So jealous!}

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2 thoughts on “If I Won the Lotto: Belinda Style

  1. Love this guest post!

    I too think about winning the lottery and I would also pay off any debts. I would also help family out and give to various charities close to my heart and buy a nice little family home for my husband and I to live in. I’d also set up funds for any future children and live a life (not extravagantly) without worrying about money. That would be bliss!

  2. My Man friend and I won the Lotto 2004, yep!!!! we won 37,000 $$$$$$$ and we sure had a great year…….we now are in hope’s of winning the Big one……latta lotto plans for these 2 old buzzards………………we win little $$$$ here and there…..like everyone else Travel, and getting us a house together and checking out the family we love…….I think everyone’s heart is in the right place…….you have to play to win!!!!!!

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