Top 5 Worst: Pinterest

Today we have the always witty Angela , no seriously I love her writing style so much I read a post about car seats the other day which is obviously not relevant at all to me right now! Ok so I was also on the lookout for a picture of her adorable son, hmmm ok that sounded creepy but he is so cute!

Make sure to check out her blog Everyday Matters after reading this hilarious post!


I have lots of ideas for my “Top Five Worst” list. I actually have any given number of this list in my head at any given time.

Top Five Worst Unidentifiable Stains?

Top Five Worst Ways to Spend the Next Five Minutes?

Top Five Worst Gas Station Bathrooms?

Top Five Worst Phrases I’ve Ever Heard?

But my favorite worst of all time, is Pinterest.

I have a love/hate relationship with Pin (that’s the affectionate name my bff and I use). It is a great place to go if you want to get inspiration to do almost anything in the world that you can basically never attain.

Sorry, but it’s true. You’re never going to live here (by you, I mean everyone else besides me and you. Eventually we will live in houses like this):

But I better get started here.

The Top Five Worst Reasons To Get On Pinterest

(These are all from my personal boards. If you’re interested in all things ridiculous, I’m angiyt)

5. To find clothes to buy.

Are you aware what happens to clothes on Pinterest? It’s where they go to die. As soon as an item of clothing makes it to Pin, it’s done. Everything cute is either already sold out, on backorder, or is being sold from a country that eBay won’t even ship from. Good luck, and no thanks.

4. To lose weight.

I have this really awesome fitness board, and as you see, if you pin something more than once you lose twice the weight. None of these motivational quotes have made me push away from the computer and say “you know! I should run! Now!” P.S. I don’t even like running.

3. To get ideas for redecorating.

Like I said before, chances are these houses will only happen if you win an amazing vacation from the Ellen Show and they’re part of the resort. I would bet that none of us will actually have a wine cellar under our kitchen island. Heck, I’d be happy with a kitchen island.

2. To get ideas for your new haircut.

Look at this mess. None of these women have my hair type, and I have 67 different types of cut on here. But to be fair, 66 of them are Jennifer Aniston.

1. To find something for dinner.

Yeah. Right. We’ve all done this. Oh? Dinner, you say? You get stuck on pin so long that you start to believe that this is a suitable dinner. Oh, who am I kidding. I’ll go to my fitness board and work it off anyway.

What do you find most ridiculous about Pin?


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst: Pinterest

  1. How impractical some of the food recipes are. Even if someone titled it:OMG so delicious two ingredient cookie (which taste like a toddler biscuit) or flour free nutellacookies (which turn hard as rocks and has TOTALLY RUINED Nutella for me). Worst of all, I didn’t even make these, someone made them and didn’t taste test, and I was forced to choke them down. If it’s too good to be true on Pinterest, then leave it on your board and by a roll of Tollhouse. That ends my PSA.

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