Top 5 Worst: Facebook with Mr. H

As promised here is the first guest post by Mr. H, he is a bit worried about offending my readers but I assured him you will all take it in stride and would love to read his point of view!


1. Posts this if….

Whenever I log onto Facebook there’s always a couple of people who feel the need to post these ridiculous updates that mean absolutely nothing. Most of your dads probably doesn’t have Facebook anyway so why bother???


2. Using hashtags in your updates

It’s not TWITTER!!!!


3. Constant status updates about everything someone does

Well, the picture says it all really. Why do you think that I care what you ate for breakfast this morning??


4. “Sayings” by unknown sources

If you are going to inspire people with quotes, at least have the decency to find an ACTUAL quote by someone who was something. Not unknown.


5. Pictures saying if they get 5,000 likes they will do _________

People, it was fun at first when it first started out, but now it’s just plain dumb.



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst: Facebook with Mr. H

  1. Hahaha! My husband hates all that stuff too. In fact, so do I! I particularly hate the ones with fake medical information. There was one about how to stop a heartattack and that ‘doctor’s don’t want you to know it so pass it on …’. Utter rubbish! Plus the stupid posts about ‘Pass this on and you’ll get money …’. UGH!

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