Top 5 Worst: Fashion Choices


Good Day Everyone!

Since the divine Mrs. H is heading to Sunny California to visit with family, I have been asked to fill the void with a guest post.

Who am I?  I am Leesah and I write at the blog 30andlearning.  It is a blog about life essentially.

Bailie was kind enough to ask me to guest blog for her and I jumped at the opportunity as I think her blog is fabulous and it helps me satisfy my 100 days of good deeds and random acts of kindness leading up to my 33rd birthday.

So without further ado, here is my post–my 5 worst fashion moments in the last 32 years.

The first is me in overall shorts in the early ’90s.  Notice the fluorescent earrings and the lobbed off, partially permed hair.  Eek.


The second shot is me in velvet bell bottoms and a shaggy, sweater that resembles a striped, silver yeti–essentially the definition of “quirky Leesah”  The sad thing is that this sweater was very expensive and I LOVED it because it was so different.  I clearly didn’t notice how unflattering it was, nor how truly strange it was.  What made it even better is that I would pair this with heavy layers of glitter gel on my eyes.  The velvet pants, however, were a bit of a keeper…they were ridiculously comfortable, if you can believe it.

silver jacket

Picture number three is “sporty” Leesah.  Umbro shorts (i had a ton from my soccer days) were comfy and kept me cool during the summer-especially in my parents’ un-air conditioned house.  The sunglasses are a tribute to my fallen hero, Kurt Cobain and the necklace was my bronze cross for lifeguarding–my last class i had to pass to be certified.  The pigtails are simply me trying to be quirky.  I spent a lot of my teen years poorly attempting to be quirky.


Picture number four highlights the start of my obsession with the Hard Rock Cafe.  I loved all the music memorabilia, the fact that they had baggy clothes (hid my chubbiness/discomfort with my body), and made me feel like I was well travelled even though I wasn’t at the time.  The jacket is from the HRC is Orlando.  I have no idea where all the buttons are from.  The rest of the outfit is a bit conservative for a teen–but as ugly as it was, it was for a reason–I needed “business clothes” for volunteering at the children’s hospital.


The final picture is a bad outfit out of necessity.  I was on a bus tour of Europe and I had lost weight and had to buy jeans that fit.  I decided that, I would be a wise purchase as I will need warmer pants for going up to the Swiss Alps.  I also decided, out if necessity, to bring my denim jacket with me, just in case I got cold.  Turns out I clearly got cold because here I am wearing head to toe denim–otherwise known as a Canadian Tuxedo.  *facepalm*


Fortunately, this last horrible faux pas was 9 years ago.  I am proud to say I have learned a lot since then. See?  I would say this is an improvement!  And yes, that means I fully endorse the Hulk Hands.


Thanks for reading and thank you Bailie for letting me guest post!



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