Expat Diaries: We are Just Going on Vacation

Since I met Mr. H back in September of 2008 and started on this crazy expat/immigrant journey I have lived in 7 places in three countries. That my friends is a whole lotta moving! When you move that much though it gets ingrained in you and moving becomes a way of life.

overnight train

waiting for our night train on our last move

So this week while we have been getting for our summer of traveling I keep forgetting that we are not once again on the move. Yesterday on the bus I kept saying things like ” O I wish we had tried that¬†restaurant” and ” I am sure going to miss all of our friends here”. Mr. H just kept laughing and going remember Bailie this is just a trip not a move!


Copenhagen airport, New Years Eve 2008

I also keep wanting to throw out things that we will actually need when we get back or could be useful like the box of sugar cubes and bag of oatmeal! Ok and I also cried about being gone for the summer since this is our home and well all sorts of things I could think of which were silly but this really has thrown me for an emotional limbo I was just not prepared for!


4 thoughts on “Expat Diaries: We are Just Going on Vacation

  1. Aww that is so cute! You know what I feel like I could relate to this in the future. We just moved to Bath at Christmas and as you’ve read I’ve not lived in one place for longer than 3 years at a time and sometimes we are only in a place for a few months. Which = a lot of moving! So I wonder what its going to be like in the months ahead and …years ahead if we stay here still. Moving just becomes ingrained into what you know. :)

    Love getting to know more about you Bailie x

    • That has happened to me too, once I woke up and before I opened by eyes I planned out my day and once I opened my eyes I realized I was no longer in London! It was very sad!!

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