Just Like my Grandma Taught Me

As I have mentioned I have been doing tons of embroidery lately. A few months ago my grandma sent me some plain dish towels I could embroider along with some iron on patterns and I was so excited to get started. Then I realized I had no one to give these to so I should wait which was hard but I did.

When we received an invite for a friends birthday I got to stitching.

tea towel gifts

It might not seem the most conventional gift for a 25 yr old guy but he loves to bake and having some pretty dish towels is always nice in the kitchen. I also thought it would be appropriate since he invited us for a fika party which is essentially cake and coffee!

all wrapped up

After I wrapped it all up and was showing Mr. H I had one of those o my goodness I am a grown up moments. I had wrapped up a present that I made myself in in kraft paper with a ribbon that co-ordinated perfectly with the card I had stamped.

Ok it was more of an on my goodness I am one of those ladies rather than just a plain old grown up moments. As a kid I was always so impressed when kids would arrive at parties with a perfectly wrapped up present and I was carrying something shoved in a re-used gift bag. As I was standing there being all impressed with myself Mr. H was smiling and said to me “like grandmother like granddaughter” which is just so apt as if my mother or aunt did this everyone would die of shock!


7 thoughts on “Just Like my Grandma Taught Me

  1. What a great gift idea, and it is so lovely to receive handmade items as it means the person really gave it some thought. I am a bit of a craft fanatic and look forward to doing more of this kind of thing – although my husband thinks craft presents consist of pasta pictures or similar (he is stuck in 1st grade when it comes to crafts)!

    Molly @ The Move to America

  2. How sweet that you share a talent/hobby with your grandma. My grannny taught me to quilt (decades before it became the the cool thng to do). I’m working on a quilt now with fabric she saved from the eighties. Think carebears, strawberry shortcake, and ducktales – and I’m definitely keeping it for myself because I loved my eighties childhood.

  3. Such a wonderful gift. I love the dish towels. I have recently been to the store Anthropologie and they sell very similar tea towels at a hefty price (£16+) per towel. I am sure your friend loved them.

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