Taking a Break to Breath

So remember when your husband woke you up to the news that he changed your plane tickets and you are taking your first flight earlier than planned. And by earlier he means this Friday you know the one in three days from now.

What you mean that was me that happened to.

Mmmhmmm this morning Mr. H woke me up with the news that instead of Monday afternoon we are now leaving Friday to go see his parents.

So excuse me while I go run around like a chicken with their head chopped off whilst I get everything ready.

Seriously though it is such a lame thing to complain about but I had this whole schedule planned out for laundry and packing and using up all the food in the fridge which is now out the window. We also have a birthday party to go tomorrow which will take up most the day since it is at 1. Yeah that too only Swedes would plan a 25th birthday party for 1 PM on a Wednesday.

Ok thanks for reading that and I will now leave you to contemplate these tortillas:

bbq tortillas

yep they were exactly like the normal ones

7 thoughts on “Taking a Break to Breath

  1. Ahhh, I’m the same: a Planny McPlanerson, especially when it comes to trips! Good luck, and I hope you don’t stress out too much!

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