Nighttime Walking

Last night while trying to fall asleep I came up with two great posts. Sitting down and writing them on this rainy Monday morning though is proving to be rather difficult! Like I started both and got two sentences in before pressing delete, so we are going to go and easier route and share pictures of our walk!

One great thing about living so far north is that the sun does not set till really late, yet again one bad thing about living so far north is that the sun does not set till really late.

I like to gripe about it and how it is hard to fall asleep when the sun has barely gone down but it has some good upsides like talking riverside walks at 10 PM.


This was the view as we walked down to the river. It was a bit hazy but but gave the night a very romantic feel to it rather than blinding sun which just makes me into a sweat monster.


We had to wait at the train tracks for a train to pass which always makes me so nervous. I always envision that the train is going to derail and come hurtling at my face, I know this is a bit melodramatic but it could happen!

f on walk

Normally when we walk along the river we go right on the paved path to Mr. H’s school but last night we turned left to go down the gravel road. We were lucky this way had a few surprises for us!

b on walk

Right now the bugs are rampant so even though the weather was nice we made sure to be covered as much as possible. When we got home though we both had that itchy feeling where you feel like you must have been bitten but there is no trace of it.

old house

As we were walking all of a sudden a house appeared along the river. It is a very classic Swedish style but we could just not believe it was right there along the river path.

white house on river

Then as we got closer to the red house we saw this one tucked behind the trees. This is the best picture I could get without being a super creeper but we were both shocked at this grand house tucked back here. We could not tell how to access it and figured it must be only used in summer because getting to it along the river in winter would be really hard.

fog setting in

After about thirty minutes we headed home and when I looked back I realized we made the right choice since the fog had come in which is just to spooky for me along the river!


4 thoughts on “Nighttime Walking

  1. That reminds me (kind of) of living in Indiana, we were on the end of eastern time so it was light out to 9pm or so in the summer. It must suck as a parent with kids, but how cool you get to go out and explore like this late!!!! And those set back houses would intrigue me too!

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