The Expat Letting Go

 React to this term: Letting Go

As an expat/immigrant being good at letting go is vital. In my experience of living in Sweden it was helpful to let go, or try to let go of these things to be happy and grounded in my new life.


Currency – When we first moved to Sweden I kept converting everything back to dollars and driving myself crazy with what things cost. After a few months I realized that it did not matter what the cost was in dollars so we made a budget in the kronor. Then I knew if a shirt that cost say 120 kr was ok or not.

Language – Even though I am far from skilled in Swedish still I have let go of my fear of someone approaching me in Swedish. I have also let go of my reflex to say Hello, Thank You, and Excuse me. I can now automatically respond with Hej, Hej in greeting and then let the person know I speak English.

Car – Ok so not for everyone I guess but I gave my car away before we left and it was so hard. I felt like I was giving away some of my independence and then when we could not have a car here it was really hard. But then I just let it go I found I could walk most places I wanted/needed to go which is better for me anyways and there is always the bus.

Current Events – What I mean by this is now you are not going to know all the little things with your friends and family back home which is hard but ok. It is actually better I think at first to have limited communication so you can settle into your current life. Constant communication with back home will not allow you to let go of your old place in their life while you establish your new place.


11 thoughts on “The Expat Letting Go

  1. I think the current events thing would get to me the most. Also, doing the money conversions….that would definitely be something I would have to work at to let go.

      • LOL. That makes sense. You need to find a kronor quotient that you can multiply the price by to figure out whether or not it is a good deal–now if only we could find a Dr. Sheldon Cooper type to figure out the quotient for you.

  2. Thats a great post as an expat and letting go. I agree, I dont even like to know what it costs in dollars anymore because its all relative. Like I know food will be cheaper here in the US (for the quality) but that other things more expensive.

  3. I can completely relate. Letting go is not easy but the expat experience has made me grow so much that I would not give it up for anything in the world. It is so nice to know that others feel the same.

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