Dear Readers


 A letter to your readers


Well this feels very awkward to me, I was thinking ahh a letter to readers I can get that done easy peasy. Well after hello I got all nervous and now have these two lame sentences. Perhaps I should start over.

Dear Readers,

Nope this seems to formal huh, it feels like I am going to reveal to you that I am actually a man that lives in Russia or something. Lets try again.

Happy Monday-

 (so far this is good)

I hope you all are having a lovely holiday if you are in a country having a holiday today. Here in Sweden it is just a normal Monday, you know the kind of Monday that is a bummer because the weekend was so awesome and now there is tons of dishes to do and the hamper is over flowing. I am sure you are not to interested about all of that though so here is what I would really like to say to you lovely readers:

I know I sometimes I have just horrendous grammar so thanks for sticking through that

I know at times my posts are once a week so thanks for sticking through that too

Mostly though thanks for being so awesome, every comment and view makes me so happy. I love connecting with women (and maybe some men not sure if any readers are men) all over the world and sharing what my life is like.

When I started this blog I just wanted to add my own voice and different view on what life is all about to the mix of bloggers and I feel like that is what I am able to do in my own crazy way.




8 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Nice to meet you Bailey. Think it’s the first time I’ve made it to your blog through the challenge, though sometimes it’s hard to trust my memory. There’s so many white blogs, I’m not sure. Expat from where to Sweden?

  2. I am a man and i read here now and then, i usually do not comment though. Just so you know there is atleast one. :)

  3. Dear Bailie (lol),
    Thank you for writing us! I am sorry I haven’t been a good blogger friend recently but I am changing that myself!!! I love reading your blog and getting to know you. I learn a TON from you and I always find your posts to be so interesting and insightful. I’m so glad we’re friends!
    xoxo (haha)

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