Blog Everyday in May – I Will Never Forget

Day 25, Saturday: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad)

When I was 13 my mom and I went on a trip to Mammoth, a ski resort in California, with a group of about 3o people. It was in conjunction with the church we were going to at that time and while we were all caravaning up we were caught in a blizzard and had to pull off the road.

Once we were able to get going again everyone was starving and we pulled into an In n’ Out, a quintessential California fast food place, my mom and I settled into a booth with one of my dad’s close friends D and his wife. As is my norm when everyone had their food I jumped up to help with getting ketchup, straws, and all that other random fast food eating stuff.

When I sat back down D looked over at me and said “Bailie you are going to make a great wife one day”. He then just kept on eating and talking with everyone while I sat there thinking really you think that about me.

See D was just about the coolest person I knew at that time. He had tattoos, worked for a surfing/skater clothes company, had a beautiful wife, would come and hang out with my dad who is about 10 yrs older and talk about fishing all the time, and my best friend and I would plan how our one day husbands would be just like him.

And lets be honest to this day he is one of the most attractive guys I have ever met.

So back to 1998 I was just floored that he would say that and over the years as marriage became a more distant idea as I pursued other ambitions it always stuck with me.

He was at my wedding and I wondered if he remembered what he had said all those years ago because some days when I cook an awesome dinner or help Mr. H through a rough day I think to myself I am a great wife.


(on a side note when my little brother saw this picture he was asked why I was getting bit)


4 thoughts on “Blog Everyday in May – I Will Never Forget

  1. How wonderful that that’s stuck with you all this time. It’s funny what sticks and what doesn’t! It’s also funny that you were told you were going to be a great one because you provided ketchup and napkins… That just hit me.

    Anyway, I’m sure you are. If you had that serving attitude at that age I bet you are just a super person to have around, wife or not!

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