Remembering Crabs

I took a computer break over the weekend and so I thought I would do the Blog Everyday in May prompt from Saturday since it was a fun one.

Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

cody and I

Yep that is a photo of an actual polaroid picture not an effect, you can even see two holes from where I had it hanging on my bulletin board

This picture is from a birthday party I attended sometime around 1995, the girl with the blond hair with me was celebrating her birthday and I was so excited to visit her house. She had older parents per what I remember my mom saying about them and they lived in these really fancy apartment over looking the harbor. If you have every watched Arrested Development you know the apartments I am talking about since they are the ones Lucille Bluth lives in.

During the school year the birthday girl was always missing school to go on what I thought of as big adventures with her parents, I distinctly remember once they went on an African safari and I was so jealous that she was able to miss school for the trip.

So when she had this party I was so excited to see what her room would be like, I was imaging expensive artifacts like in a movie, and then one thing happened that has erased all the other memories.

We were down at the little beach they had for residents and all of a sudden this girl I was not really friends with came up to me with a mean smile on her face. As I looked up at her she pulled my bathing suit top out and dumped a handful of little crabs down it.

I jumped up screaming and trying to get them out without them biting me or flashing everyone. It was mortifying.

So mortifying that when a few months ago this same girl asked to be my friend on Facebook I denied her.

The birthday girl ended up leaving our school shortly after this since they said she was missing to much school going on the trips with her parents. I never knew where she went after that and I have always wondered where she ended up.

7 thoughts on “Remembering Crabs

  1. What a horrible thing for her to do – and then to friend request you on Facebook! Bloody cheek! That would have upset me too and I would have reacted and felt the exact same way.

    ♡ Molly

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