Me and My Grandparents

 A favorite photo of yourself and why


This is from October of 2008 when my grandparents visited me in England, my aunt also came but she is the one taking the picture.

My grandpa has a severe aversion to planes, not being scared of flying but having to be on the plane is just not his idea of a good time. When I left in May of 2008 for my big adventure it was not clear when I would be back home. I finally settled in London and was working so my grandma and aunt started planning a trip to see me and said my grandpa would join them. I wanted to believe it but until I saw him actually in England I was not sure.

Funnily enough he managed the flight and was feeling really excited about being in a new place and when they got to the luggage carousel his was missing. The airline delivered it to his hotel the next day but that striped sweater he is wearing in this picture he bought that first day so he would have something to wear until his luggage arrived. That shopping trip with just me and him was I think his favorite part of the trip and he kept saying how he now had English clothes to wear in England.




One thought on “Me and My Grandparents

  1. This is a lovely photograph – you look wonderful and so happy!

    Vanity is only a problem if it gets in the way of being a good person and being good to others – I do not think you need to worry about it as you seem to be a really lovely person. Everyone likes to look their best and you look great!

    ♡ Molly

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