Expat to Expat Q&A – #2 Food, Food, and More Food!

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1. What is your favorite food tradition in your new country?

I love Swedish holiday food, for Christmas and Easter the food is pretty much the same which is fine with me.

easter dinner

This is from our Easter table this year which was complete with:

Deviled Eggs, smoked salmon, meatballs, ham, sausages, janssons temptation, beet salad, and herring.

2. Where have you traveled to that you thought had the best food to offer?

This is tricky but I think Brussels is the winner. Mr. H and I love cheese and meat platters which if you are a regular reader I am sure you know and this one we had at Moeder Lambic was just amazing.

moeder lambic platter

3. What is the typical breakfast where you currently live and would you eat it back home?

The typical Swedish breakfast is bread with margarine and then cheese, lunch meat, or liverwurst on top. Another common thing to eat is yogurt with muesli which I have grown to love.

I would eat both of those back home but we do miss things like bacon and eggs so we usually do it once a week on Saturday.

One time my mother in law said to me she did not know how people could eat eggs for breakfast and how weird it was which made me laugh because they eat pancakes for dinner which I think is weird!

4. What type of restaurant, either style or type of food, do you think is lacking in your new home?

What I would love to see in Sundsvall is a dinner like place, where you could get tons of different things and it would be open all hours.

5. Do you think your home state/city/province has a food everyone should try?

Whenever I think of home I think of eating fish tacos, specifically ones from Bear Flag Fish Co. which if you are in the area you have to try.

6. What is your favorite dish to prepare that you would never have made back home?

That is easily jansson’s temptation, before I met Mr. H I would never have put any sort of fish in my potatoes au gratin but man is it good! That also goes for fish pie, it is now one of my favorite winter foods but back home to me  fish was always a summer food.

Christmas plate


You can see the jansson’s temptation on the bottom left in the picture above.

7. What is the oddest food in your new country?

I am not sure if it is the oddest but it is one of of them for sure, the Smörgåstårta.


Side View


Top View

It is a giant sandwich cake often served at baptisms and confirmations or other various group parties. You take white bread and layer it with a creamy filling of say tuna fish then cover the top with various fruits, vegetables, fish, cheeses, and lunch meats. I can eat maybe one small piece but all the flavors melding together and how mushy it is just grosses me out.

8. If you could have a crate of one type of food sent to you from your home country, what would it be?

This is one of Belinda’s questions and extremely hard! I am lucky that my family does send me care packages and the highlights of those are always the beef jerky and a crate of it would be awesome.

9. What three foods remind you of summer?

When the weather warms up I always want guacamole with tortilla chips, popsicles, and fish tacos. A meal with all of those would actually be awesome as long as there was some ice cold beer to go with it!

10. What food from your new country are you surprised to enjoy?

When I first came to Sweden my mother in law kept serving boiled potatoes as a side dish. Not mashed, not baked and served with sour cream and butter but plain old boiled potatoes. I was like are you freaking kidding me lady you expect me to enjoy a boiled potato alongside my meal, well I thought it anyway and would hope to have had a big lunch on those nights.

Now though almost five years after meeting Mr. H and I am adding boiled potatoes to our meals!

meat and potatoes

Sure there is a gravy boat with yummy brown gravy to pour on top but I now really enjoy the flavor and texture of boiled potatoes.

 Bonus:  Where was your favorite place you ever took a summer vacation to?

Ok so to help me decided I told myself it had to be a place I have only been in summer, and that it was ok to be obvious. That left me with Greece, specifically Mykonos.



I was there for a few days on a tour of Greek islands and it was just the best to me. I really want to go back one day with Mr. H and eat tons of food and lounge at the beach for weeks.

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7 thoughts on “Expat to Expat Q&A – #2 Food, Food, and More Food!

  1. I have taken part in this Q&A today and have really enjoyed doing it.

    I loved reading your answers as I have never been to Sweden and find it so interesting. I did chuckle when I saw beef jerky was your food you would like to be shipped over in a crate as I put that as my ‘oddest food’ – I will get used to it I’m sure as my husband likes it.

    The boiled potatoes was great to read as my Grandmother (not Swedish) would always do them and I think it was quite typical in England in her day. I must admit I do love the flavour and texture of plain boiled potatoes – brings back happy childhood memories and tastes!

  2. Haha, what is your mother in law taking about? I’m swedish, and I can assure you that eggs are a perfectly normal and common breakfast food here! Well boiled, then, maybe she meant fried eggs? That is not as common.

  3. And soon there will be fresh potatoes! Small, new ones with very soft peel that there is no need to remove, so yummy with maybe a little butter and salt, mmm!!

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