If You’re Happy and You Know It…

 Ten things that make you really happy

I love this prompt just so you knowBailie&Fredric_HanssieTrainor-Portraits1211. Mr. H

Here he is looking very GQ on our wedding day.I could write about three hundred posts about why he makes me happy so suffice it say each day with him is a gift and I feel so lucky.girlie and F2. Dachshunds

Here is Mr. H and my parents dachshund Girlie. Most dogs I walk by without a thought but something about dachshunds just turns me to mush, their cute little faces and short legs. Ahhh it is too much and one day I will have my own!whisky cheddar3. Cheese

This was a small wheel of cheese Mr. H surprised me with one day and I ate so much I got a stomach ache but it was so worth it. You might think it is odd but cheese is such a comfort food and tasty so yep it makes me happy!b and cards4. Playing Games

I grew up playing cards and board games every weekend at my grandparents and on rainy days at home. I was so happy when I found out Mr. H loves playing games too and we have a small but growing collection of games we are addicted to playing.rain in England5. Rain

I am one of those weird people that love rain, it is actually raining right now as I type this. crafts6. Crafts

Getting out all of my various craft stuff and completing a project is so much fun and I am also happy I love crafting since the winter is so long up here it kept me occupied.groceries7. Grocery Shopping

Ok I realize this one is even weirder than the rain but I love finding good deals and having all those fresh ingredients to cook with. holiday decorations8. Holiday Decorations

Even when we knew no one up here I decorated our house for the holidays and decorate for holidays that are not celebrated in Sweden because it makes me happy.giant mugs9. Giant Mugs

Filling up a giant mug with tea or coffee and getting cozy is just the perfect cure for the blues.music10. Music

Unless we are asleep or watching a TV show our house is filled with music. We own three pairs of headphones so we can listen to music on the go or different music when we are home together along with records, cd’s and mp3’s enough for library!

So what makes you happy?


17 thoughts on “If You’re Happy and You Know It…

  1. A+ to music! And what a handsome looking guy. :) I love all the different way guys dress for their wedding day.

  2. Hmm…what makes me happy. A long run that feels like it was 5 minutes instead of 500! A good cup of coffee. Macaroni and Cheese from Trader Joe’s. Men in suits that aren’t d-bags. Disney (land or World). The ocean.

  3. Have you ever heard about the game ‘contraband’? It is an old post war card game… all about trying to smuggle goods…. like nylons, and cameras. It’s to be played with more than 2 people, but such a fun game! Great for after dinner fun! xx

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