Me in a Few 10 Word Forms


 Sell yourself in 10 words or less

If I were a book:

Life loving immigrant finds her voice in the cold north.

If I were a movie:

One woman cooks her way through a new Swedish life.

If I were a song:

She’s got everything she needs

She’s an artist, she don’t look back

(ok so that is Bob Dylan from She Belongs to Me)

If I were a picture:


But you know pictures are worth a thousand words so I guess that is cheating.


9 thoughts on “Me in a Few 10 Word Forms

  1. Hello! I am a follower of ‘Found Love, Now What?’ (& a fellow blogger) & saw your blog linked on there. I love your blog and have enjoyed reading through it! I admire this post as being succinct & writing something in only 10 words I would struggle with (I find it hard to do the 140 characters on Twitter). I will be taking part in the ‘Expat Q&A’ on May 15th (although I am a future expat so some answers may be a bit off topic!).
    Have a great weekend!

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