Fears Old and New


I feel we have two types of fears, one is a lifelong fear that developed sometime in childhood and even as an adult we cannot reason it away and the others are situational and can come and go but when they are here they are strong and hard to ignore.

One of my lifelong fears is bees.


I know this bee was just buzzing along doing its pollination thing when it wanted to take a break on my window. That however does not stop me from being totally afraid of it.

I have been stung once when a bee flew into my hair at Disneyland. I was wearing a hair clip of my mothers and thought it was falling out so I grabbed my hair and was stung by the bee. I obviously survived the sting and actually had a great rest of the day but like I said before it has not stopped me from being totally afraid of them.

Oddly I have been stung by a scorpion as well and I am not really afraid of them, they gross me out the same way a tarantula does but overall they do not scare me in the same way a bee does.

Very irrational but I guess most fears are.

One of my situational fears has developed since moving to Sweden and is this:1989earthquakemarina01

Waking up to news that there was a huge earthquake in California and I cannot get ahold of my family. Just typing that sentence gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I personally am not afraid of being in an earthquake as they are kinda par for the course growing up in California but the thought of my family being caught in one when I am thousands and thousands of miles away is horrible.

I would not be able to get to them and they would not be able to get to me and I would just be stuck watching whatever the damage was on TV.

Ahhh ok I seriously cannot even type more about it but there you have it two very different things I am very afraid of.

4 thoughts on “Fears Old and New

  1. Hope your family is a-okay. Oh and my irrational fear is spiders, too…though I wasn’t afraid of them as a kid until I had a massive one crawl on me when I was in my grandma’s garden, picking carrots.

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