Meals on Monday – Fredagsmys

Mr. H and I have a deal where we do a meal plan for the week full of things like curries, pasta bakes, and stir frys then on Friday we celebrate  fredagsmys. It translates to cozy Friday and is the Swedish tradition of having snacks, beers or soda, and a fun dinner on Friday with your family. One chip company even has a snack mix made just for the occasion!


We however like to rotate the weeks with some being full of chips and candy and others a bit fancier with cheese and salami’s.

This week was a fancy week since Mr. H had finished his praktik with high praises (a little bragging about my husband the nurse who was monitoring him said he seemed like a third year student not a first!!).

friday snacks

Not purposefully but each piece of our snack platter was from a different country! We had crackers from England, amazing smoked cheddar from Wales, moose/elk sausage from Sweden, and färskost (like a fancy thick cream cheese)  from Denmark.

snacks and beer

This was only half of everything so we were able to have it again the next night!

Also with our yummy platter we had quite a few Belgium beers so we were very happy!

happy us

So what about you do you celebrate something  fredagsmys or something similar?


5 thoughts on “Meals on Monday – Fredagsmys

  1. We always have Friday Food, which means we’ll have one of our favorites for dinner, and usually something fun (pizza, homemade Indian food, burgers, or tacos/burritos) and always try to have some snacks on hand for a movie. We call it “cozy night ” ;) Makes me look forward to Fridays even more!

  2. I love this tradition, so much fun and something to look forward to during the week!

    Our Friday evenings consist of easy dinner and catching up on our American TV like Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal. Makes me feel that I am not so far away!

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