What About Those Bishop’s Arms?

fredrik at bishops arms


Last week I was reading one of the numerous blogs I follow and the girl did a post on her and her husbands date night, and I was like yes that is what we need around here! Mr. H and I spend tons of time together but that does not necessarily translate into quality husband and wife time as most of it is just that we are home at the same time but doing different things like reading or cooking.

So we decided we would go out on Saturday night and treat it like a real date. See that is the other thing Mr. H and I never really dated. We met and then we moved in together less than two months later and that time in-between meeting and moving in together was spent mostly living in two different countries.

In my quest to make it like a proper date night I was planning on taking everything I needed to get ready into the bedroom and shutting the door while Mr. H got ready in the bathroom. Once we were both ready I would make Mr. H come to the bedroom door like he was picking me up.

The best laid plans however tend to go amiss and that is just what happened. Saturday afternoon I was reading in bed while Mr. H watched hockey in the living room and all of a sudden it was dark and quiet. Our power went out, the first time I had experienced a power outage in Sweden, and as we investigated we realized it was the whole area we live in. As the power was out 30 minutes later we were coming up with a plan B.

The first step was taking care of the precious cargo:

outdoor beers

Yep we quickly opened the fridge and put the beers out on the patio! Luckily (?) the temperature outside was about that of the fridge so at least we could still get our drink on before we left.

Seeing as we have an electric stove though we were getting worried we would need to leave earlier to get dinner out as well and that is what ruined my getting ready separately plan. I did not want to have to do my makeup by candlelight so I got ready in the remaining living room light.

Fortunately the power came on right as we were deciding if we should go eat now or not and we were able to eat our tacos we had planned!

b at b on s

We ened up at The Bishop’s Arms, which I cannot help but imagine some bishop with the sleeves of his robes rolled up showing off his arms when I hear that name, and had some amazing beer and locally produced meat and cheese plate.


Ok well this picture is horrible but the plate had three types of cheese, two types of thickly cut sausage and rosemary bread that I would buy by the loaf if I could!

All in all it was such a good night!

This weekend though we have decided for a more mellow Saturday with a trip the library and our favorite coffee shop in town!

6 thoughts on “What About Those Bishop’s Arms?

  1. Haha I think the exact same thing about that restaurant name. And you guys are so cute – I love the idea of what you wanted to do. Sorry it didn’t turn out just right, what with the power going out and everything! But I’m glad you guys were still able to go on a date night.

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