Meals on Monday – What We Have Been Eating Lately – Casserole Edition

Even though the weather has been warming up it is still not warm, like their is still snow that will just no go away! That in addition to the fact Mr. H is still doing his praktik and needs to take lunch with him everyday I have been making tons of casseroles and pasta bakes. I personally love a good casserole so it has made it easy for me to plan but I am getting a tad bit ready for a good grilled piece of meat!

lasagne 2

This is a really easy lasagna recipe and does not use ricotta cheese which makes it cheap too! I make this ragu recipe with a little extra tomato puree then layer it with a basic béchamel sauce, cheese, and lasagne noodles. I love making it on a Sunday since I can let the sauce simmer most of the day and make the house smell delicious.

sam crow casserole

I am not really sure what it was but one day when we were watching Sons of Anarchy the idea for this meal came into my head so I called it Sam Crow Casserole. It is potatoes that have been peeled, cut into large chunks, and boiled with chili and a super cheesy béchamel sauce over the top. You could only eat it once every couple months because it was so hearty but I did want to lick my plate clean after!

pioneer pie

This is my take on Kayotic Kitchens Pioneer Pie which I have made twice now in the past few months. To suit our tastes I sauteed the leak and carrot separately and added them into the mash rather then mashing it all together.

ham rolls

This is another Kayotic Kitchen Recipe  which was amazing. The only thing I changed was omitting the apples since Mr. H has had some fruit allergies and I like to be safe! I also loved having extra sauerkraut to put on sandwiches!

The dish used in all the pictures is from a set of three baking dishes I received at my bridal shower. They cook evenly and clean way better then any Pyrex I have ever owned. They also look a bit fancier then Pyrex in my opinion so I feel fine serving out of them to guests as well. I check on the Crate and Barrel website and they currently have them in blues which are really pretty!


7 thoughts on “Meals on Monday – What We Have Been Eating Lately – Casserole Edition

  1. These look amazing! Lasagna is my fav dish EVER… this weekend I made one, using my mum’s recipe (“Short Cut Lasagna”). There’s no extra fancy cheese in it…and it’s so easy and yummy!

    Even though I just ate lunch I’m hungry again, looking at these photos!

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