From Scratch and Love

If you ask any immigrant, expat, or even backpacker after family the thing they will miss most about home is the food. Luckily with some practice and a most likely a few mishaps you can recreate many home recipes. Some ingredients will have to be swapped for similar items, like creme fraiche for sour cream, and some you have to make yourself.

In Sweden you can buy BBQ sauce and recently they have even started importing some American brands but you will be paying a premium even for the store brand. So last week Mr. H decided to experiment and see if we could come up with our own.


I started by going through all my cookbooks and reading quite a few variations. My favorites were from Joy of Cooking and Searchlight Recipe Cookbook 1944 Edition, both of those recipes were made from items I already had at home like ketchup and brown sugar.

So we started cooking and thought about what we liked in a BBQ Sauce, sweet with a good tang to it, and adjusted our measurements accordingly. At the end we had a sauce that we liked but knew in the future we would be making some changes too, such as we went a little overboard with the apple cider vinegar.

We put it in this glass dressing jar I inherited from my great-grandmother and from items we already had in spades had something that not only tasted good but felt special since we made it together.

I have used it for two recipes this week, sloppy joes and Pioneer Pie, and since it will keep for two weeks I will be able to get at least one more use out of it.

Do you have a favorite BBQ Sauce recipe that we should try?

5 thoughts on “From Scratch and Love

  1. I have two or three you may like here from the eastern USA. It’s getting to be summer and I’ll be posting them very soon! A long time ago Kansas City BBQ was my favorite to make, but now it’s tied with another which is just as good and a lot more simple to make!

  2. I have experienced the cooking experiment that you speak of while trying to make my chocolate chocolate chip cookies with mars bars slices in Australia. The measures aren’t the same, nor are the ingredients (even though they had flour, it’s not made of the same type of wheat as Canadian flour)…and they all reacted horribly together. lol. I had pancakes rather than cookies.

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