Glad Påsk!


I have found that when you are living in another country you learn the names of holidays and how to reference them without even trying and now you can know how to say Happy Easter in Swedish too!

Glad Påsk = Happy Easter

Originally Mr. H and I were not planning on doing anything special for Easter but as it approached and all the holiday food was appearing in the ads we changed our mind!


In Sweden holidays are usually celebrated on the eve so for most people their big meal was on Saturday but as a compromise we celebrated on Sunday because it was just to weird to me otherwise!

Sunday started with a walk and a debate on Easter beer and soda. Sweden has a special soda that comes out for Christmas and Easter which I do not care for but Mr. H loves. I honestly think it tastes like cough syrup mixed with Dr. Pepper so even smelling it makes me feel ill. We ended up skipping out on Easter beer and just going with the single bottle of soda for Mr. H and I was brave for one sip and was surprised by how used to the taste I have gotten, not that a whole bottle would be for me yet!

Food wise we kept it very traditional as well with only two minor adjustments!

From the picture above going clockwise we had:

Deviled Eggs – Usually they would just be hard boiled eggs but this was another comprise since what would Easter be without deviled eggs?!

Meatballs – We cheated and used pre-made but they were still tasty!

Princekorv – They are like large cocktail sausages and I could eat them all day everyday.

Beet Salad – This is also bought pre-made, not sure who makes it from scratch nowadays, and is really good and I have no idea how to describe it!

Kassler – This is a wine smoked ham that is delicious, also can be bought is small sizes perfect for two rather then the large hams that we would be eating for days and days!

Lox – One of the best things about holidays in Sweden is the salmon! We had plain smoked salmon but we often buy the dill one.

Senap Sill – That is herring marinated in a mustard sauce, personally I do not care for it but Mr. H loves it and ate a whole jar between Sunday and Monday.

Janssons Frestelse – Ok so this might be my absolute favorite Swedish holiday food, it is a potato au gratin type dish made with anchovies, cream, bread crumbs, butter and potatoes. It might sound strange but it is delicious, I will one day post the recipe I use but trust me on this if you are ever offered it make sure to eat some!

Now that I typed it all out it seems like a lot of food for two people but believe it or not there were a few things we passed on, like cheese and special dark bread.

Later we had vanilla buns and cappuccinos and talked about how good the leftovers were going to be on Monday!

What is your favorite Easter food?

8 thoughts on “Glad Påsk!

  1. My favorite Easter food is Cadbury Creme Eggs! Though I am not sure if they are technically “food,” but I have to have one every year…otherwise it’s just not Easter. lol.

  2. I’m swedish and I had never heard of deviled eggs, but after reading this post I looked up the recipe and it sound very good, have to try that. I also found a recipe for deviled egg salad to put on a sandwich, and it looked like a delicious picnic food to bring when summer comes. Or as an easy lunch for work when it gets hot and you don’t feel like eating a full dish like meatballs and potatoes. It will be an open faced sandwich for me though. :) I don’t get why americans often eat the double ones, so much bread, but maybe that’s just me,,, :)

    And I LOVE påskmust, the soda! Sooo much better than coca cola, for example. Not that I don’t like that too… :)

    Thanks for a good post!

  3. It’s not the career you choose, the friend you marry, or the path you take that determines success or happiness in life, but that each day, in some small way, you seek to amaze as much as be amazed.You “Wow” me,
    Funny how we do what we have been exposed to. I have followed the leader most of my life and stuck with traditions. Then I told my kids to get their own and do what they want, and don’t live my life…..I know Josh has his own traditions …..and I am happy He, has made a great life of his own. Balie you are amazing and I love that you share this. Namaste

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