Beautifully Said


One day I accidentally clicked on a button to receive a quote a day from Goodreads and I was annoyed but thought I would just deal with it later. Well as it turns out they are quite good with their quote picking and this one in particular made me smile and I found myself going back to the email to read it again and again.

So I made this up for a my desktop and thought I would share it with you, the background picture is one I took from the Eiffel Tower back in 2005 and the only picture I have left from that trip.


4 thoughts on “Beautifully Said

  1. That is a great quote :) I’m learning to live more simply too. Although…compared to some parts of the world, living “simply” in Canada is pretty luxurious! :/

  2. This is a fabulous quote! After leaving most of my belongings in storage when I came north I can relate to this… After 20months aside from a few things, I don’t really miss anything!

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