Europe is a Band and a Continent

It seems to me the word Europe is used out of context too much and the situation needs to be rectified.

For instance when a person says “they would like to visit Europe” do they mean anywhere in this geographic region?


Or do they mean a specific country because each country is unique with its own culture and scenery to offer.

Or do they mean they want to go visit these men?


I am going to guess they do not mean these men but who knows because all they said is “they want to visit Europe”!

Secondly this phrase drives me crazy “Europeans like/always/do/etc”. I hardly think that of the approximate 739,165,030 people living in the geographic region of Europe it is accurate to say they all like or do the same things. The culture unique to each country and then each region of that country really do not hold up to a generalization of that they all are like or are doing the same things. I hardly think someone would say how all people living in North America all like the same thing!

normal life

Lastly take it from me thinking that if you could just move to the vague notion of Europe your life would be all romance and travel. While there are things in Sweden I love and could not experience back in California my life is still filled with chores, doctors visits and money woes just like anyone anywhere in the world.


6 thoughts on “Europe is a Band and a Continent

  1. So true… I feel the same way when folks say they are “going to Africa”! It’s quite the large (and diverse) continent! It really is easy to romanticize anywhere but “here”… the grass does usually look greener “over there.”

  2. I’d totally want to go see “Europe” the band…. Did u see those photos? Hotties! LOL (ok all kidding aside…)

    All the time I was reading this I also thought of the Africa example… I know it’s a place I want to go… But there are MANY countries I want to visit when I get there!

    A few friends of mine have talked about how ‘exotic’ my life is up in the arctic…my reply was kind of similar to yours… I have struggles: laundry, dishes, paying the bills etc… It’s just normal life stuff but I live in the arctic!

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