The Ghost

Us Hemborg’s like to think we are quite clever and funny, which I am sure is debatable by people not living in our house but as it stands the two of us crack each other up.

In one of our sillier moments we invented The Ghost, it started like all good jokes with a fart. As in “hey did you just fart?” with a reply of “nope it must have been the ghost.”

Finding this very amusing The Ghost started getting around the house quite a lot doing things like leaving dirty socks under the bed and spilling peanuts on the floor. He even started making appearances in Mad Libs, side note we are super into playing Mad Libs as well right now, which is honestly such a funny answer for the Person in the Room blank.

So the other day I asked Mr. H how he imagined The Ghost to look like and funnily enough we had been imaging two completely different ghosts. Mine looked something like this:


You know an old war general that liked to cause havoc and then laugh about it as he floated down the hall.

Mr. H on the other hand was imagining something like this:


A women who would have lived in our building when it was built and then just never left!

I had to give him his made more sense but I liked the old war general better so I stuck with it.

Then yesterday we were in the kitchen and I took a picture of our cappuccinos then when I went to take a picture of Mr. H right after it turned out like this:


So now we have decided the ghost, whichever one, is jealous of how good looking Mr. H is and is going to sabotage all pictures of him!

*********Disclaimer: We do not actually believe we have a ghost so do not worry about sending for an exorcism or anything*********************

5 thoughts on “The Ghost

  1. When things get done in our house (laundry folded, dishwasher unloaded, etc.), we say our house gnome did it. Gnomes are big here. Alas, we have not yet captured the little guy on film.

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