Using the Past for Perspective

journal cover


This is the cover of a journal/scrapbook I started on New Years Day 2007 and used until my 22nd birthday in July of that year. It has been sitting on our bookshelf untouched since I unpacked it from boxes in August where it had been previously sitting untouched from our last move. This week though I was feeling the need for a piece of home and decided to look through and relive some old memories. Many of the pages I had completely forgotten about and found this gem among them.

entry one

First off do not judge me for all the pretension but it does come with the territory of 21 in my experience! Secondly right at the beginning I lament how the day would have been better if I could have drank tea and played Scrabble with a boyfriend. It gave me some perspective on how great my life is right now because this was written over a year before I met Mr. H and I remember thinking this would never happen and now I am married to a man whom I keep a Scrabble journal with.

Also funnily enough this passage was written on January 15th which is our wedding anniversary, I am sure that is what they call in How I Met Your Mother an “Enigma of the Mystical”.

So if I have to deal with snow for two more months so be it because at least I am also able to do it with apparently the man of my journaling dreams! Sadly though we are missing the fireplace I mention in the post but I am sure our property managers would prefer if I keep it that way!

3 thoughts on “Using the Past for Perspective

  1. I kept a journal after Mike passed away, I review this now and then I can see how far I have come .I have a group of women who I work with, like a personal empowerment , I have them journal and make a vision board. Very insightful.

  2. This is so weird! The other day I found an old journal entry on my computer that I had written the first time I came to Denmark to visit Andreas and I was lamenting how long it would be until we could be married and live together, and I was talking about how I longed to really live in Denmark, and make it my home and do regular things in it, and I just stopped and thought “wow…how lucky am I?” I think we lead parallel lives…

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