Morning, Noon, and Night

In the Hemborg house we consume massive amounts of tea. It is understandable though considering we have sunsets at 2:00 in December and snow has been on the ground continually now for over three months!

I have noticed though that we each have three cups we use regularly and each has its specific time of day.

Morning, Noon, and Night

my cups

My first cup is always a big one and tends towards the Cath Kidston one Mr. H bought me for Christmas, then I go down to a normal sized Lasse Åberg mug, then down to a little mug for my night time herbal tea.

his mugs

Mr. H on the other hand keeps his mugs pretty consistent in size but funnily enough he likes to drink out of them in this order!

The black mug is from his hockey team down south, then the same small mug as me, and finally one of the mugs from my Desert Rose china.

I am sure in a few months we will be drinking more Iced Tea and coffee with warmer weather, well at least I hope so, but for now I will keep washing these cups everyday!


One thought on “Morning, Noon, and Night

  1. And i thought I was the only one who had a preferred order of cup use! Loves it! My morning coffee mug is a giant one that a former colleague brought me back from the CNN studios in Atlanta.

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