Game 200!

letter rack

A few weeks ago last Mr. H and I played our 200th game of recorded Scrabble!


Now I say recorded because it was not until December of 2011 we started keeping track and we do play on the iPad from time to time as well so with all of those in mind I am sure it would be about 300!

As you can see he won but only at the very end because I had horrible letters and E and a Z!


(I should say that in our Scrabble rules we allow the use of bad or offensive words in pursuit of a higher score but I am sorry if this picture offends anyone)

We had planned on having a little champagne and appetizers for our 200th game because we are huge dorks like that but we got impatient with waiting for a time to do it so we just played it. I think though that when we make it to 300 champagne is a must!

4 thoughts on “Game 200!

  1. Nice. But for a swede like myself it’s a mystery why you blocked out his name partly like that? I’m not writing it here but I can certainly see what it is!

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