Elks for the Loser – A Tale of Cheap Beer and Losing at Yahtzee

As I am sure you know Mr. H and I love to play games and gamble, well not like gamble gamble but man o man those cheap slot machines in Vegas were made for us, so this past weekend we had a Yahtzee competition. Also it is cold and grey outside so cheap inside entertainment in the warmth of our own home is very appealing!

loser winner

The rules went:

Whoever wins the best out of three games gets to have the fancy beer and the loser has to drink a shitty beer.

I know so complicated huh ;)

So we went to systembolaget and decided to go for the infamous Elk Brew for the loser, in Sweden it is sorta of a joke that it is made for German tourist since they love elk. I know if you are an American you are going huh but I swear it is a thing over here. The only other people that drink it are drunks and college kids since it is cheap 10.50 kr / $1.60 and 7.5%, can we say pre-party deluxe!

The fancy beer was a little trickier since those are abundant but we finally decided to go with King Goblin which was a little pricer at 25.90 kr / $4.00 but well worth the cost!

two games in

Two games in it was 1-1 but the thing is Mr. H kicks butt at games so I was feeling a bit nervous.


And as it turns out I had every right to be nervous because the dice were just not in my favor that night!

winner f

Yep, Mr. Smugface won and now had the pleasure of enjoying a nice tasty beer. I on the other hand did not.

sad face

I was super bummed out at the turn of events but I bucked up or elked up as the case may be and drank that damn beer!

This is how good it tasted:

ugh face

The Elk Brew tasted like being 17 and drinking vodka you snuck from your friends parents. Seriously the first taste was like a cheap beer then it was just pure alcohol going down. Needless to say I was a bit tipsy afterwards!

I was not deterred though and we are having a rematch this weekend! But you now I would not be opposed to actually winning this time!!!!

8 thoughts on “Elks for the Loser – A Tale of Cheap Beer and Losing at Yahtzee

  1. …this sounds like so much fun! Love the photos… and too bad about loosing! It also reminds me of my mum… she plays Yahtzee against herself… (yes, she keeps track of the numbers…and tries to beat her best score). My brothers and I always make fun of her for trying to ‘beat’ herself!

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