Winter Woes

When we were talking about where we would move for Mr. H to go to school we knew it was not going to be all tropical beaches and pina coladas but we were ready for an adventure so we moved further north in Sweden.

Well now that it is nearing on two months of continual snow cover and temperatures this week going well into the negatives I might have what you could call the winter woes.

Luckily the main woe is on getting dressed at the moment.

You see I start out like this:

stage one

A cute and fun outfit to wear when we went out to celebrate Mr. H’s birthday. Ok so the red and black socks sorta through it off but still I felt cute and hip.

Then I had to put on all the winter crap so I do not get hypothermia and end up like this:

stage two

I am like an oompa loompa now with my coat, scarf, boots, and beanie and to be even (not that he cares) Mr. H is looking bulky too in all his winter crap and he is slim slim slim.

Then when you finally get inside a nice cafe for lunch and coffee’s you have to do this:

me at f bday

Yep I had to wear my head scarf beanie thing for the whole lunch because after shopping where the stores are kept at furnace temperatures my head got all sweaty and my hair looked nasty and then started frizzing like crazy!

Ugh all I want is to go out without a beanie and have nice looking hair for once in public!

On a happier side note I have been trying to be good about what I eat etc etc and had to wear a belt and undershirt because my animal print shirt was huge otherwise!


5 thoughts on “Winter Woes

  1. It’s not quite as cold or snowy here, but we still have to be bundled up to go outside. I can commiserate with your hair problems. I have just accepted it and invested in a few hats that I love. Spring will be here soon enough. Right? Right?

  2. You so do NOT look like an Ooompa Loompa…you’re far to tall for that. ;) And really, if I looked as good as you do in a scarf beanie thing, I’d work it all of the time!

  3. I feel your pain. I’m tired of wearing long johns, wool socks, and snow boots. We skipped out of town for a week and missed out on some crazy low temps (-20 F!!) and it’s been warming up a bit (I never thought 40F would feel warm to me, but it does now), so that cheered me up for a bit. However, we’re still getting some occasional freezing fog (yuck). As for the hair problems… my split ends have split ends. I’ve got some crazy mosturizing shampoo and conditioner, which helps considerably. Also…. braid your hair. I’ve taught myself a couple different braids this winter and I almost never leave the house without one in. It helps control the frizz and keeps your hair from getting tangled in scarves and zippers (ouch! it happened once and I vowed to never allow my hair that close to my jacket zipper again!). It also works well for layering, de-layering, and the drastic changes in temps from outside to inside.

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