From in here to out there

– Last year I did a post about my super messy closet well now we have this huge shared closet:


Ok so that picture is from when we first moved in but you can see how there is a spot for everything so now that we have this super organized closet I have a new bad habit. It is leaving all my dirty clothes on the side of the bed where only I can see since it is against the wall! I did not take a picture because who wants to see my dirty clothes but this morning there was 5 pj bottoms, three tank tops, a hoodie, and a bra just hanging out on the ground. Like honestly 5 pj bottoms that is just ridiculous I get up and walk to the bathroom every morning how hard would it be to pick them up and put them in the laundry basket?!?!!?

– I love Spotify. I am sure I have mentioned my love before my seriously it just makes music listening, in the top 5 of my great loves in life, so amazing. You can listen to things you know or stumble upon You’re So Vain done by Marylin Manson and listen to it multiple times like I did this morning. It is so easy to just listen to the same things over and over but Spotify is like falling into a worm hole where start listening to a Kings of Leon song and come out listening to Ella Fitzgerald hours later.

– pink jeans

– A few weeks ago I ordered these pink jeans from Forever 21 and they make me feel so happy. I will be even happier when I do not have to wear boots with them because I think my black TOMS would really suit them better but since there is still months to go before that will happen I will just feel cheery and bright in them! Now I just want all the colored jeans I can get my hands on!


6 thoughts on “From in here to out there

  1. OMG! We can be twinsies! I just bought a pair of pink jeans…(and a pair of mint ones…ssssssh! lol.) on Boxing Day. LOVE the colour and yes, black TOMS=PHENOMENAL combo!

  2. …I laughed-out-loud (literally) when I read about your laundry discovery. This morning I had to step-over all my vacation laundry + this week’s laundry on my bedroom floor…seems like I have reverted to my high school days! (It’s currently on the floor because my only laundry basket is full of clean stuff I need to put away…)

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