Anniversary Staycation

Tuesday was our two year anniversary and it just happened that Mr. H was having a four day weekend so we turned it into an anniversary staycation!


It started Friday night with taco’s, grocery store beer, and finishing off Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother on dvd. Ok and I know we are way behind with HIMYM but holy goodness season 7 was stressful and crazy, we re-started the season since we feel like with a second viewing we will see the patterns better.

On Saturday we went to town and the library had two books I have been wanting to read for ages, Gone Girl and Casual Vacancy, that I was actually considering ordering so saving that money made me so happy. Then we found out for 10 kr we can rent dvd’s for a week and they had Hunger Games which we had not seen so it was a big old library loving day! We picked up sone other odd’s and end’s in town like allergy pills and a pin cushion before heading home.

Once at home we had snacks of blue cheese, crackers, herb fresh cheese, smoked reindeer fresh cheese, dip and veggies which I could of just eaten a ton of and called it dinner but we had special plans. Earlier in the week we found a reindeer loin on special so we cooked that up with hasselback potatoes and a red wine jus and it was divine with our 49 kr wine!

Sunday was a lazy day with games and grilled sandwiches for lunch then Monday was chore day with grocery shopping!

tube poster

Tuesday we went to the mall and purchased our joint present pictured above, well it was the frame we bought to accommodate the London Underground print we bought way back in September! We love it that it is finally up and it felt special to do it on our anniversary since we met in London.

For dinner we slightly recreated the dinner we had at our wedding but substituted the roasted chicken with pork loin and enjoyed a nice French wine Mr. H surprised me with.

Now we have a few days of normal time before we celebrate Mr. H’s birthday this weekend!


10 thoughts on “Anniversary Staycation

  1. Sounds like so much fun! I wasn’t so jazzed about The Hunger Games movie adaptation but am looking forward to the second one. And tacos are my faaaaaave. I love them. And now I want them but it’s 9:08 in the morning so I should probably wait. Haha!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a nice long weekend! Glad you got Gone Girl!! It is amazing!! I love the Hunger Games movie (and the books)!!!!!!!!

  3. Love, LOVE, love your anniversary print!! :) Sounds like an awesome staycation… Happy Belated Anniversary.

    …I’m totally with you with the Hunger Games trilogy…what did you think of the movie? (I watched the movie before reading the 3 books…)

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