California Bucket List

This summer Mr. H and I are going to take a trip back to California, it will have been two years since he was there and a year for me so we are a bit over excited about it. Since we kept saying “When we are in California we have to …” and then forgetting what the amazing thing we said the day before was I decided to make a bucket list.

I had never really been into making a life one but I thought we would be very disappointed to come home and not have been to some of our favorite places.

bucket 1

I started with my trusty roll of brown packing paper and bag of pens and Sharpies. I was originally going to write out California but when I started the song “Back to Cali” by Slash popped in my head so I went with it.

bucket 2

Next I added some things that are already set in stone, like visiting my Arizona family, and others that will be a nice trip down memory lane, like pizza from Laventina’s in Newport Beach.

bucket 3

I put it up on the fridge Friday night and you can see how fast it is filling up! The ones in purple pen are me and red is Mr. H but I seem to be adding more even though some of the purple are his ideas.

We plan on bringing it with us and hanging it up in our room at my grandparents then slowly but surely crossing them all off!

I would also love to hear your favorite activity/restaurant/bar etc. in Southern California since old haunts are great but new experiences are great too!


7 thoughts on “California Bucket List

  1. I’m going to play cheesey tourist and say Disneyland, Farmer’s Market, drive on the Pacific Coast Highway wtih a side stop to dip your toes into the ocean…I would also eat a few times at In N Out Burger. It’s still one of the tastiest cheeseburgers I have ever eaten in my life.

  2. Bucket list is good……sounds like you will have a great time…….I guess I have so many things I would do if I was going in that direction…..and I think Dan and I are going that way this year….We plan to take the train and meet our friends in San Deigo…. we have some mutural friends and will stay with them and ravish the sountern Cali borders …….at my age I am making the BIG BUCKET LIST hahahahahahah,you know what I mean.

  3. I put a snarky comment on Twitter last night telling people that Bucket Lists were dumb, but I most certainly do not mean yours. I love your bucket list. I’m talking about those people on Pinterest who put the most outrageous stuff of theirs that everyone knows they will never ever do. I bet this list is making you so excited!

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