Christmas Beers!

I love holiday beverages so when the Christmas beers started appearing I was very eager to try them!

Happily only one was a bust!

P.S. some pictures might be blurry due to beer consumption at the time of their taking

jul mumma

We were totally smitten kittens at this cute label and did not bother to read what the description of the beer was. Mr. H managed two sips and I managed three before it was poured out! It tasted like a liquid over spiced Christmas cake….ugh…. Not for us!

Christmas Carol

Brutal Brewing is my favorite brewery right now and there Christmas beer was spot on. Perfectly dark and rich it will be making a return appearance at our house!


The great thing with Mariestads is you never have to worry they are consistent good tasting and priced beers. We had their Christmas offer last year and were happy to buy it again this year. We even bought the 3.5% one and were very happy with it as they heavier beers lend themselves quite easily to the low alcohol variety.

st peters

Now I remember this was extra good which made me sad since it was expensive but all of St. Peters beers are great so it was no surprise! Also readers all over should have access to this one!

beer line up

What is your favorite holiday beverage?


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