A Broken Brush Among Other Things

A little of this and that:

– Yesterday I was brushing my hair and all of a sudden the handle was in my hand and the bristle part was in my hair all on its own. brush

I know in the grand scheme of things a broken brush is not a big deal but it somehow really bummed me out. Today I used it gripping the top part and I want to tape it back together. Mr. H thinks taping my brush together is crazy talk and I should go buy a new one but I have had this brush since 2007 and well I really liked it!

– Mr. H has a really sensitive stomach and as a result has given up coffee, to be supportive I have also not had any coffee for over a week. Well today he was at school and I had a giant cup of it and it was amazing but now I am all jitters!

– We are preparing for our Christmas celebration with just the two of us and while I am excited  it is also really sad to celebrate Christmas with just one other person. Then when we were talking about it I started bawling saying that in the future I will probably have all holidays alone with Mr. H being a nurse and us living away from family but the great thing about tears is once shed you are lighter so I am now feeling ready for our little Christmas.

– crackers and salami

– Last Friday we did a little holiday party of our own with fancy cheese, salami, and wine. The thing is due to the crazy animal name issues Swedish has we are not sure wether or not this was goat or sheep salami! Mr. H is leaning towards sheep but either way it was so good and unlike any other salami I have ever had.


7 thoughts on “A Broken Brush Among Other Things

  1. I know how you feel. Charlie and I have spent the last two Christmases with just us and my grandmother (it is a long, ugly story). And it is so hard like that. And I understand about the crying too, lol. I have been really upset since Thanksgiving because the hubs had exams and I was all by myself all the time and just cried and cried. It made me feel better. (Luckily he is done with exams right now so I am not alone until school starts back).

  2. I know it can make u feel sad to be away from family, The best christmas’s I ever had was with your Grandma….and she puts it together like no other…I swear you ar at Santa’s home…..But the memories are still there and we need to create our own traditions, this is what I tell myself and kids(the one’s that talk to me LOL) I have enjoyed great times in my life and now content with the soltude…..been trying to snow here and it is so cold 24 degrees this morn.I wrote a poem about leaving Idaho one year on my way to Your Grandma’s home for Christmas, sent it in and they published it Whoe!!!!! ya me …..hahahahah I think I have your email , let me know I will send it to you……Merry Christmas sweetheart…..I am still puttin it together about that telepathy verses divine inspiration…..

  3. Mystery meat…mmmm! Haha! My condolences on your broken brush. It’s so hard to find a good one! Good for you, making the most of your somewhat solo holidays. My hubs and I spent a couple of Christmases by ourselves and while it wasn’t *exactly* what we were used to, it was kind of nice not running around. Oh, and we got moderately drunk off of mimosas while in our pj’s, so that was good, too. Haha!

  4. I don’t get it, how can Mr H not know the swedish words for goat and sheep, or what else is the problem with the salami? What crazy names? I’m swedish, and I don’t know about any crazy animal name issue!?

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